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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  September 28, 2010 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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other interviews. he sat down with brian williams with nightly news and did an interview with jon stewart for the daily show. all in the space of one day. the former president is 86 years old. he has been on as we say a very intense cross-country book tour as he promotes his latest book, the white house diaries. we will have more on what happened with jimmy carter. all we know is that the 86-year-old former president is hospitalized in cleveland. also this hour, with the election only 35 days from now, the white house is taking on its own base. the president today trying to rally students at the university of wisconsin in madison saying it is irresponsible to sit out the election. the "wall street journal" poll shows 70% of those questioned do not feel that the recession is over even though economists say it is.
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what does it mean for the approximate the and the party in power? bo biden and education nation. fixing america's broken system. what works and what doesn't? are we at a tipping point for reform? the man who coined the phrase wait for example super man. and the reverend al sharpton on the role the communities must play. from the top-ranked nation of education, the director general. i'm andrea mitchell live in new york. we will track all of the information on former president jimmy carter's condition when we get it. president obama is trying to fire up the base. the democratic base in wisconsin. a new rolling stone interview details frustration towards democrats. they are sitting on the political sidelines. in the the side said bringing about change is hard. that's what i said in the campaign. it has been hard and we have lumps to show for it.
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if people want to take their ball and go home, folks weren't serious in the first place. vice president biden echoed that message on the last word with lawrence o'donnell last night. >> there is some on the democratic base, not the core that are angry because we didn't get every single thing they want. it's time to buck up here and understand that we can make things better. continue to move forward. >> well, father and son with us now. delaware attorney beau biden. thanks for joining us. general, let's talk about the democratic base and the president now in wisconsin telling rolling stone it's irresponsible to sit out the election. the vice president, your dad has no apologies for talking about the winers in manchester, new hampshi hampshire. what do you think the challenge is for democrats? >> to get out the vote. it's as simple as that. i can speak best to delaware.
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we have 47% of the state registered democrats. the challenge for me and chris and john is to get out the vote in the state of delaware. you will see that happen. i can speak to what's going on in our little state and others can speak better to what's going nationally. that's what we are doing. chairman is coming tonight in conjunction with my dad to penn state and the president at wisconsin. that's what you are seeing happen right now. democrats rallying to present america a choice. there is a stark choice. >> even in delaware, people are affected by the nbc "wall street journal" poll. 70% of those questions saying they still feel they are in the recession. how does the party in power combat that? >> what you will see in delaware is two democrats being sent to washington. chris will hit the ground running as the u.s. senator and i predict he will win with a lot of effort on our part.
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john carney will go to the house of representatives and take back a seat that has been held for 18 years by republicans. we are working with the governor to create jobs and our governor should be given great credit for that. that's where you see chris coombs and john carney focussed on making the case to the people of our state. >> your father's seat, let's talk about christine o'donnell. here's tape from one of the old interviews with politically incorrect. >> you know what, evolution is a myth and even darwin himself. >> evolution is a smith have you ever looked at a monk he? >> then why weren't monkey still evolving into humans? >> it takes time. >> your dad said to lawrence o'donnell on last word that the voters should take and democrats should take christine o'donnell seriously and sarah palin and treat them with respect. with all due respect, how do you
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take that seriously? >> look, i take in my public live and my dad has and republicans and democrats who i respect take their opponents seriously. i know that's what i have done and what he does and what chris is doing. this is not about what christine may or may not have said, but the choices they offer the state of delaware. in delaware the choices that chris is offering will prevail. the same goes for john carney running for the house of representatives against a person who shares the same beliefs as christine o'donnell. i have known her a while and she is say nice enough person, but she should be taken seriously. >> let me ask you about foreign policy and you are speaking out on foreign policy. you are back from iraq and we are so happy. i know from talking to your dad and mom when we were in baghdad together how happy they are. we thank you for your service. what about bob wood ward's new
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book and what it describes as the internal debate where your father argued strenuously against the strategy and the troop surge in afghanistan. as we look forward, what are the prospects in afghanistan? maybe they should have taken your father's advice. >> my father obviously speaks for himself and he's a huge proponent and supporter of the decisions that the president made as to how to pursue this war. i have friends that are on the way in iraq and in afghanistan right now. my experience is in iraq. this is going to be a very important time for the nation. we will have a review as the president calls for from the out set in december i believe. the president and the vice president on the same page. i have not had a chance to read the book, but i let my dad speak for himself. he was asked for his opinion by the president and gave it to him and fully supports the course of action that the president took.
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>> thank you so much. attorney general beau biden running for reelection in delaware. thank you for joining us. >> good to be on the show. >> be sure to see all the results of our new poll on nbc nightly news with brian williams. check local listings. we are following breaking developments, reports that former president jimmy carter, the 86-year-old on a book tour, an active book tour was hospitalize and taken when they landed in cleveland and met by paramedic who is took him to the hospital in cleveland. apparently melinda ryan from our land bureau spoke with the carter said he was airsick and had difficulties and may have vomited. meanwhile the bookstore in cleveland where the president was going to hold the book sign suggest told they have not heard
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any official word about whether or not the former president will be attending. we will be on top of that. meanwhile back here in new york, education nation continuing today on the networks of nbc. our country's urban schools are under particular pressure, desperately needing resources. al sharpton is the president and founder of the national action network fighting on the frontlines for schools and students and our teachers. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> reverent sharpton, we focus so much on teachers and the obstacles and the contract disputes and tenure and all those. what can communities and parents do to support our kids? >> if we do not deal with the fact that parents and community must be involved and see this as a critical issue, we can do all that we are talking about with the administrators and teachers and it won't be enough. the national action network and i got involved in serious education reform, part of what i have done is talked to the
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parents. talked to the disk jockeys and the radio announcers and the minsters. people on the ground. we must create a culture of expectation. we must create a culture where young people understand that it is not only the right thing to do, but the mandatory thing to do. if you don't have that at home and in the community, the teachers are fighting an uphill battle. i want teacher accountability, but i want to work with the teachers in challenging parents. how we can do that together without having community involvement. we are puting it all on the system and none of the responsibility on us and that won't work. >> that said, there some people who accuse the traditional simple rights organizations of being too sympathetic and too much in league with the unions. they share other goals. they are not being on the front edge of performance enough. is that fair? >> when i started with my
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colleagues in civil rights didn't understand why president obama stood out. this is not about being anti-union. this is about being anti-dropout rate. we have kids in our communities in many cities, 50% dropout rates. i think it's about challenging not only the unions, but challenging administrators and parents alike. i'm glad to see people saying yes, we have to adjust to the times and some leaders are not there yet. some parents are not there yet. you can't keep doing the same thing and expect different results. we have the highest dropout rates we have seen in our history. we are 21 and 25 when it comes to math and science in world data and statistics women can't sit back and hold anybody as a sacred count. everybody must be accountable. >> speaking of that, i have to ask you about one of the partners on education reform,
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newt gingrich. you worked with him effectively in a bipartisan way and i know you don't have to answer. what do you make of this? you know what the quote is going to be. what if president obama is so outside or comprehension that only if you understand kenyan, anti-colonial behavior can you piece together his actions. that is the most accurate model for his behavior. what do you make that was? >> it's a maying. it was president obama in our meeting that said he wanted mr. gingrich and i to go on the tour and i did. newt and i probably don't agree today is tuesday, but the thing that i didn't understand about the quote is he is saying that there is something wrong with being anti-colonial? the kenyan plot is questionable enough, but is he praising colonialism? he needs to as astute as he is, let's review that america is not supposed to be a country endorsing colonialism.
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>> clearly he is try to feed the rumor hmongoring. >> and who he is and that's unfortunate. i think that newt gingrich is smarter than that. that level of discourse is what we don't need. as he and i tour and talked about education. i talked to him about those statements. i think they are not responsible. >> like to hear that conversation. >> it won't be as civil as you and i just had. >> always civil with you. up next, the custody battle with an american father fighting to bring his young sons home from egypt. using education to break the cycle of poverty. more on the education nation with geoffrey and live pictures of the hospital in cleveland where former president jimmy carter was reportedly taken after feeling airsick on a flight. this is andrea mitchell reports only on msnbc. oln honest?
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>> are we have breaking news achl new development that former president jimmy carter has been hospitalized in cleveland. you are looking at metro health medical center where we believe the former president was taken. we learned that the former president became airsick during a flight to a book signing. paramedics and the secret service took him directly to the hospital upon landing. no word on his current condition. the bookstore is still expecting him later today. s he is 86 years old and has been on a very active book tour. classes at the university of texas have been cancelled. it remains on lockdown after a gunman opened fire after he shot and killed himself.
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the police are searching for a second suspect. disaster officials say at least eight people are dead and 100 more missing after torrential rains caused mudslides and the hillside collapsed in southern mexico. a state governor said as many as 1,000 people could be buried in debris. former cuban leader fidel castro spoke to thousands of people in havana. this was the longest speech since illness forced him from power years ago. a custody battle. an american father has been unable to see his two young sons in egypt saw them for the first time. the sons allegedly kidnapped by their mother and smuggled more than a year ago. he has the support of the secretary of state, but egypt is not cooperating. he is here with us today. this was a long awaited reunion, but a painful one. what happened when you saw your sons? >> it was painful. the boys were in a restricted
1:18 pm
room and there were a number of people including my ex-wife and her family. they were obviously on script themselves. they had things that they felt they needed to immediately get off their chest and acted uncomfortably like they were being watched and would be held accountable for anything they did during and after the visit. >> you were granted sole custody and after that your wife apparently took the children. you found passports that were altered in some way. what you want from egypt is, were they issued passports or did she violate egyptian law and have possible charges? >> that's right. the facts are that the government gave her passports in the name of power. >> not bower with a b. >> the government gave this woman two false passports and she came to the united states and with the passports she stole two american children off of our soil. the point is, was the government
1:19 pm
complicit or was the egyptian government not? they were stolen from this country. my children were stolen from this country. i'm asking for the government to return them. >> we know hillary clinton has spoken to the president about this and the powerful chairman of the foreign relations committee has been involved. you are a resident of massachusetts and he is your senator. the fact is that egypt is not a sig tori to the international convention, the geneva treaty which we covered previously on the case with the goldman case where brazil was a sig tori, but the courts intervene and obstructed for all those years. egypt is not. if you can't get your ex-wife extradited, what is the hope of getting these boys home? >> the fact is that even the supreme court calls kidnapping a child. what i saw last week in egypt is
1:20 pm
child abuse. every day the boys are there is child abuse. the fact remains, we give this country $1.5 billion in aid. there lots of ways to choose to get my boys back and we should. >> we are going to stay on this story. you know we will. all of our wishes are with you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> this update on the breaking news. a statement from the carter center, while on a flight to cleveland, the former president developed an upset stomach and upon arrival she was taken to metro health hospital for observation. the carter center said he is resting comfortably and expected to resume his book tour this week. we'll be right back. maybe you want to provide meals for the needy. or maybe you want to help when the unexpected happens. whatever you want to do, members project from american express can help you take the first step. vote, volunteer,
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as we continue our search for solutions, important lessons to be learn friday other countries. finland to be followed by south korea and singapore are far out
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front. students in finland rank number one among more than 30 developed nations. sad to say the usa ranks 24th in math and 17th in science and 10th in literacy. the achievement gap between the united states and top performing nations is the economic equivalent of a permanent recession. an expert on education serves as general of the ministry of education. he took part in a lively discussion as part of our education nation summit here at 30 rock. thanks for staying us with. you brought up how finland managed to achieve the top ranking. in fact, in finland, you don't intensively emphasize math and science which people talk about here as the silver bullet and don't give bonuses to teachers. you do though have something we found as a common denominator among the nations. the teaching is the highest
1:25 pm
ranking profession. more than doctors and more than lawyers and certainly more than wall street merger and acquisition types. this is a highly ranked valued profession. is that the secret? >> it's part of the secret, certainly. of course teaching is always a cultural thing. i think teachers are valued in many countries, but what we have been able to do in finland is systematically been securing the teaching profession so that it remains interesting and attractive and more on the profession for teachers. in my country we don't test students or test teachers like you do here in the united states. this is one of the things that keeps this group of young individuals flowing into the teaching. they want to be the ones who have the authority to assess and evaluate the learning. >> 100% of finland's teachers
1:26 pm
come from the top third of the graduating class. here in the united states in elementary and primary schools, 21%. of our top-ranked or top third graduates up teaching and retention rates are low and how do you maintain this high scannedard? >> we put a lot of quality of entry. this was the key thing. >> the recruitment. >> we're set up those who come to teaching and study to become teachers carefully and provide them free education in a good university in finland. we than point when the students start the first year that these will be the good teachers. when they go to school, they will stay there. >> president obama said yesterday on the today program as part of our education nation summit, you would be open to extending the school year. this was costly for us in terms of staffing and custodial
1:27 pm
staffing as well for keeping the schools open at a time of budget cuts. finland does not in fact have longer school years. that's not part of the solution. >> i think we should look at not the school year, but the overall instruction that our students and pupils are having. i found it a little bit difficult to understand how it would be possible and this situation that you have where you are spending 40% more than we are doing in finland for education to extend or add something without taking something away. >> you don't spend as much as we do, but you have better results. >> that's true. the spending here per student is 40% higher than in finland. >> great to meet you as part of education nation. i will introduce to you arnie duncan in a couple. you have important lessons for us to learn. >> thank you, a pleasure. >> coming up next from cradle to
1:28 pm
college, more with geoffrey canada. updating the breaking news, the carter center said jimmy carter is resting comfortably after developing an upset stomach on the flight to cleveland. he was taken to the hospital for observation and expected to resume his book tour later this week. i jumped the gun. he is 85 for another day and a half. he turns 86 on friday, october 1st. we'll be right back. i didn't miss a premium payment for 10 years. and i'm worried if i lose my job, i won't be able to afford insurance. when i graduated from college, i lost my health insurance. the minute i got sick, i lost my insurance. not anymore. not anymore. not anymore. america's healthcare reforms change lives for the better. to find out how it can help you, visit us at it's not just fair, it's the law.
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1:32 pm
>> that was geoffrey canada in the trailer for "waiting for superman" who is president and ceo of the harlem children's inner city schools serving 17,000 children and adults. 8,000 are children and the program is seeing amazing results. geoffrey canada is here now. i want to ask you about the genesis "waiting for superman." you as a child. me about it. >> i grew up here in the south bronx during the late 50s and early 60s when the south bronx was falling down. it was a place of abandoned buildings and rubble. there were racks and roaches all over everything and it was violent and dangerous. when i heard from my mother that super man was not real and i began to cry, she thought i had this fantasy about santa claus and i realized no one was coming to save us kids. there were no super heroes coming in. when you see kids growing up in
1:33 pm
places that literally calls for a super hero to save them because it's so dangerous and dysfunctional, my friends didn't make it out. i did. you know what, at that very young age, i realized we were not getting out of that. that is a terrifying thing for young people 8 and 9 years old thinking i'm never going to make it out of this situation. >> we had jimmy carter going to the south bronx in the mid 70s and talking about renovating the neighborhoods that didn't get renovated. you took this on in harlem and you created the harlem children zone where president obama is trying to replicate in 20 more cities with the promise zones. >> one of the big debates in education is, should you do schools or should you do all of the other wrap around services that children need? i think this is a phony argument. it's clear to me you need both. you can't have young people growing up in places that people
1:34 pm
wouldn't want to walk their dogs. they would be terrified. we expect children to live and think that's the reality. we think that we have a responsibility in those places to really change those communities and you have to go in and talk to adults and rally people around and fix things up and get rid of the graffiti. kids have to say the adults are here and they are protecting us and creating a community. that's what the harlem children zone does. >> how late are the schools open? >> until 9:00 or 10:00 because kids need a place. so many parents are working and nobody is home with the kids. if you leave kids by themselves, we all have seen the lord of the flies, it's not a good deal. kids need to be under the watchful eyes of adults making sure they have somethings to positive to do and not getting into mischief. >> the teachers work for less money in difficult neighborhoods, but they want to be there. they are inspired.
1:35 pm
>> we find teachers literally by the thousands who want to come in and make a difference. that's what they want. they say are you really going to give me a chance to educate these kids? we say yes. we will do everything you need us to do to educate the kids. they are thrill and excited. they say this is a team that is pulling out all the values and say move them out of the way. let's educate these kids. there million was teachers looking for the opportunity. let me do my job by removing the obstacles. if the teachers need to work longer, they need to. we support them. if teachers need to do saturdays, we do. we make sure our teachers will be successful. i think there is a sense from them as professionals that this is what i signed up for. success, not failure. not mediocrity, but success. teachers want to be successful and when you allow them to do their job, they want to do it.
1:36 pm
>> one of the participants in my panel said we emphasize the wrong things here. when the president goes to visit some schooly, he will leave a sign for basketball, sports are great. i'm a sports fan. why weren't we emphasizing physics or math? why is america's culture so focused on competitive sports. terrific, but not on competitive math prizes. >> here we have young people really respecting the queues we give them of what's important. when you have the school standing up and cheering because some guy or gal can hit a three-pointer and the kid who is getting great scores, no one mentions that. what do you think those young kids want to be? they want to be the person everybody is idolizing. we have an emphasis around consumption and cloaking athinge
1:37 pm
bling that won't make our kids success. . great math, great science and great arts. that's what we should be pushing. if we do it, guess what they want to be? they want to be the kids that are being celebrated because they are great intellectuals and highly educated. you are an inspiration. >> andrea, this is a great, great program and i think it's going to change america. >> it ain't ending here. we will stick with it. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> coming up next, can the mideast peace talks be saved from collapse? joining us plus nbc's martin fletcher and the correspondent from the mideast writing about his personal journey in walking israel. you are watching andrea mitchell reports on msnbc. maybe you want school kids to have more exposure to the arts.
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>> are george mitchell is in israel trying to avoid a total collapse of peace talks. they are threatening to abandon those talks. we have israel's ambassador from washington, d.c. it expired midnight sunday and israel refused to extend the u.s. state department said the secretary of state is disappointed and spoke to prime minister netanyahu yesterday. are there terms under which he would extend that while the talks continue? >> good afternoon, andrea. prime minister netanyahu gave his word to the people of israel and to the palestinians and the united states that the moratorium would be 10 months in length. it was a one-time unprecedented offer, the word unprecedented was used by secretary of state
1:42 pm
clinton to describe it. no other prime minister had done that. a-time effort to get them to the negotiating table. the palestinians frittered away about 8 1/2 months of that and came to the table at about the end. >> worry all due respect, that acknowledging that it took them 10 months to agree to the terms, they were demanding preconditions and now we are where we are today. the moratorium expire and construction is beginning again. the palestinians now have given an extra week to wait for the arab league to come on monday and give them the go or no go to continue with talks. is israel prepared to stop construction if the talks are able to continue and look as though they might be fruitful? >> it's essential to continue that thought that the prime minister's word will be essential as the process goes forward. he will be asking israel to make inkrezible sacrifices to take
1:43 pm
risks for peace and he is going to have to go to the people and say trust me on this one. his word is very important. with that, israel is undertaking to exercise restraint and responsibility and limits in its construction. it will build no additional settlements and won't expand physically and won't incentivize israelis to move to the elthsmentes and any construction in the territories will be similar to that of a rate that took place in previous rounds of israeli negotiations. such as the 2008 negotiations and then prime minister olmert. we are not making any preconditions. we are not telling them that they have to dismantle terrorist structures. we have four citizens killed at the beginning of the talks. we didn't say we were not going to sit down unless they stopped terror. we don't say that palestinians have to unite and we are willing to discuss the palestinian
1:44 pm
future with half of the leadership of the palestinians. we want to sit down and negotiate. we call for them to do the same. >> ambassador, one thing that is in play is what to do about the convicted israeli spy who has been in prison for all of these decades. there is some talk that there might be some negotiations going on. would it be helpful if the united states were to release jonathan? >> we hope for his release. it is always a part of our agenda in our discussions with the administration. >> one other quick question. iran accused israel of being behind the computer worm and the nuclear facilities have been attacked. there has been a suggestion in the media at least that this is so sophisticated that only a state government could have launched this worldwide worm and that could either be the united states or intelligence or
1:45 pm
israel's. iran is accusing israel. are they responsible for the computer worm? >> i appreciate the compliment for the technological prowess, andrea, but the fact is there many countries deeply concerned about the nuclear program that a nuclear arm iran would pose a mortal threat. >> the computer virus? is that launched from israel? >> i can't say, but the computer virus or not computer virus, iran is committed to the nuclear program and israel expects the world community together with the united states to act to prevent iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. >> a non-denial denial. always great to see you. >> martin fletcher who covered the mideast for 35 years. walking israel, a personal search for the soul of the
1:46 pm
nation. what israel's 100 mile coastline from lebanon to gaza. mart sin here with us now. the search for the soul of a nation, an extraordinary journey note just this journey, but your journey. what have you learned? >> i started out on the journey because i thought that coast of israel, the size of new jersey. it has to be the most interesting 100 miles in the world bar none. the israel i grew to love over the many decades and decades i have been living and working in the country, it's in such dire straights and need of peace with its neighbors. the israeli arabs and one million arabs are living in peace and relative harmony with jews in the country. i didn't understand the extend to which that is an indicator of
1:47 pm
waiting in an ideal world. >> for many of us, it seems in the last year security has been less of an issue. it seems as though israel and the various groups within israel are living together much more peaceably with the exception of gaza. are you hopeful as these talks have resumed now? they are in advance, but we presume that george mitchell will be able to get them together under some diplomatic device? are you hopeful they can achieve something in the year's time? >> one of the reasons i stated is that i always believed that peace is just around the corner. i wanted to be there for the moment it happened. it has been there for 35 years. it hasn't happened yet. is this the time? frankly i doubt it. the urgency coming from the united states administration which is a sad comment. it should be coming from
1:48 pm
israelis and the lead is there. the urgency from the leaders is more determined by america's urgency than the urgency felt by the people. it's a sad comment. >> martin fletcher, friend, colleague, ally and as brian williams wrote on the book cover, extraordinary. nothing else like it. no better guy for understanding israel. walking israel. thank you so much for everything you have done over these years and continue to. what political story will be making headlines in the next 24-hours? that's next right here. [ engine revving ]
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they're seeing -- >> isn't this normal tightening, closing? >> well, some of it, yes. absolutely. and some of its effect that they've had a big fund raising advantage. and they've used that for tv ads. when you're divining your opponent as not the best person in the world, and your opponent isn't on tv, those numbers aren't going to help a little bit. the question is in the next month we're going to see republicans get on tv. do those numbers snap back to where they were in august when democrats were kind of woe is me, and the house is gone, and the senate is gone, and, you know, we're going to lose everything, or do the gains that they've made, and these are marginal. we're not talking about big gains. republicans are still going to pick up seats, andrea. but do they hold? that's what everyone is in a wait and see pattern right now. the thing we do know for sure, very volatile electorate.
1:53 pm
lot of vulnerability. >> obviously the economy, the recession that supposedly ended with 70% of in the nbc news "wall street journal" don't feel it's ended. who could blame them with the current unemployment? voters still blame the former president george bush for the recession. not as much as in the past if you look at these numbers. about 56% now say that obama inherited these problems where as the beginning of the year 65% said that they blamed him. and also the whole question is who is responsible. is it the president's policies or not? twice as many people now, 32% to 17% say that president obama's policies were responsible for the problems that we're having. >> yeah, that trend line if you're barack obama -- >> it's not good. >> -- or if you're a democrat running for congress, it's not good. the president will be happy that still many more people blame the former president than the current president, but that trend line is not good, andrea. at some point in the relatively
1:54 pm
near future, it looks like it will come after the november election, but at some point in the relatively near future this is going to be barack obama's economy. like it or not. he will not be able to use the republicans drove this economy into the ditch and we're trying to drive it out. he's going to own it. he needs the unemployment numbers to come down. he needs some positive signs because as you point out, when seven in ten people feel as though the recession isn't over, it doesn't matter what the economic indicators are showing. perception can trump reality as it relates to the economy. >> what are we looking for in the next 24 hours? >> in california meg whitman is doing everything she can. $120 million of her own dollars already. this is the former ebay ceo. a debate tonight against jerry brown, he's running for the job he first held 40 years ago. so this is a big huge important
1:55 pm
race, not just because of the size of california. but whitman is in some ways the model of what republicans believe they can win on. she's running as an outsider, running against jerry brown, like it or not, it's odd to say he's anned insider now, but wh you've been in politics that long, you are. >> he's a tough debater indeed. >> watch an experience. >> tomorrow on the program, new york school's chancellor joe klein, democratic chairman tim kaine and chair of the democratic campaign committee, chris van hollen. tamron hall is here with a look at what's coming up next on msnbc. hey, andrea. in the next hour we're still following breaking news that former president jimmy carter has been hospitalized after being airsick on a flight. plus, president obama tells democrats to, quote, buck up in
1:56 pm
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about adding onglyza. extra help. extra control. you may be eligible to pay $10 a month with the onglyza value card program. i'm tamron hall. new details into why former president jimmy carter was rushed to the hospital after getting sick on board a flight. and buck up, the message president obama has to democrats who may not be inspired enough to vote in the midterm elections. the details are coming out in a newly released "rolling stone" article. and one of the nation's universities put on lockdown while a shooter is in a busy library. plus, potential troubles for a popular new reality show. why a man with four w